Wilson & Skiff School Alumni Association   
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Wilson Skiff Board Members  
Wilson and Skiff Schools History

Board members are:     

Bob Olivas: Wilson School, Class of 1959

Frank Velasquez: Skiff School, Class of 1959

Steve Chavez: Wilson School, Class of 1958

Robert Chavez: Wilson School, Class of 1958

Jimmy Munoz: Skiff School, Class of 1959

Fernando Lugo: Wilson School, Class of 1959

Richard Mendoza: Wilson School, Class of 1961

Association members:
Antonio Sanchez: Wilson School Superintendant
Raul Chavez
Angel Olivas
Carlos Giron
Dr. Louis Olivas
Fred Delgado
Lupe Garcia
Cresencio Vidaure
Stan Barreras
Reynaldo M. Rivera

Honorary Member: Mr. Carver Barnes, Director of Berney Park. Mentor, Coach and Friend.  

Wilson and Skiff Schools History:
Wilson School:
The Seventh school district organized in Maricopa County was named for Mr. W.J. Wilson, a school board member in 1879. A two-room adobe building was built on the west side of 24th St, just north of the railroad tracks.
On 1883 the school was moved to 24th St and Henshaw Rd (Buckeye Rd). A framed building was  built. In 1885 a flood washed away the building. 
In 1886 the district purchased a acre corner at 24th and Henshaw Rd. The school building was re-built. 
In 1897 the original bell building was constructed.
In 1915 the auditorium and two class rooms were built.
Wilson School was built on 21.5 acres with sixth three buildings.  
Skiff School:
It was first called the 20th St School and was located at 20th St and Henshaw Rd. It opened in 1946 with 2 first grades. An additional first grade was added in 1947. The Skiff school 1430 S 18th St was constructed in 1947 and opened for class January 1948.
In the early 1980's Wilson and Skiff school was bought by the Sky Harbor project. Skiff School was closed and Wilson School re-located to it's current 30th St location.

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