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Wilson School Scholarship Page

The scholarship selection process is handled by the Wilson School scholarship committee. The Wilson and Skiff Alumni Association has no input on student selection.
Once a student is selected, the student notifies the Wilson Skiff Association what school he/she plans to attend. We foward the funds to the school's bookstore. The scholarship award is placed in his/her name and student I.D. number.  

Wilson and Skiff Schools Alumni Association 2018 scholarship commitment to Wilson School is $2400.00

3 Scholarships @$500.00 each. Wilson School students graduating from high school and attending a University or College.
6 Scholarships @$150.00 each. Wilson School students graduating from 8th grade and attending a high school.

To date the Wilson and Skiff School Alumni Association has contributed over $33,000.00 to the Wilson School scholarship program.

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